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  1. Kurt Vanmelle


  2. Younis

    Just straight vibin haha

  3. TheLucidor

    Great video as always! Trying posting some community polls while they are broken on USfilm!

    1. TheLucidor

      Check out recent spiffingbrit video as a reference

  4. Anna Schipler

    Loved the music and editing in this episode!

  5. GoogoGoo

    On your new eco boat you should investigate a biogas generator from waste food to power your stove.

  6. Mark Bee

    "I've come up with a bit of a plan." "Hold my beer."

  7. Tim Dunn

    How's the weather where you are? 45.5 between Strathalbyn and Milang Sunday arvo. Bushfires at Mt Bold Reservoir.

  8. Donna Singleton

    Like those daisy shorts. I have the same pattern as a headband. Cheers ;-)

  9. Gladtobemom

    So . . . my husband's takeaway from this is that spearfishing from shore is a no-go.

  10. FlightMonkeyUK

    Lovely classical music on the vlog. Really like it.

  11. Brian Brown

    Excellent as usual!!!

  12. Sabena Mendivil

    Why do I love your life sailing and I'm not even that fond of the water 👀❤️👌🏽 binging your vids getting inspired as we immigrate to Peru soon 🍀

  13. Elise Browning

    Hi guys - love your videos 🖤 My boyfriend (a Master 4 and MED2) tuned into this episode and though he saw you turn both engines on at the same time. He mentioned that it’s better to turn them on separately (wait a few second before turning on the second one) for two reasons: 1. If they are connected to the same battery, it can drain it quickly as they are both sucking a lot of energy to turn on at the same time; and 2. It’s easier to hear if there are any problems as you can listen each one turn on separately. Hope this helps if you weren’t already aware. Cheers legends!

  14. Yogev Reboh

    Loved it, hope to be there one day.

  15. Hugo Freitas

    Isn't it your legal right as person of planet earth don't to Fish To Provide Food, to Eat, to you and your family. Hell, yeah. Yes it is. It's incredible what picki people go and post. Don't they see that they are the only ones that should close there mounth because Flys are Attracted to... Hey man keep exactly the same, conserning that, because it's you that is doing it write. I now you now it (don't need to be your friend to see it). Bye. Hugo

  16. Aditya Doke

    What's the secret of this videos sound design. Do plz tell in next. Totally loved it

  17. Harry Levinson

    There is a lot that couples thinking to set out on an extended cruise can learn from the two of you. For sure both must have it as a dream they want to share. I think the key however is to recognize "spare soil test". There will always be different priorities and needs as individuals, and not every decision made by one will be the choice the other would have made. All too often the "little things" like whether to save some soil or not, escalate into silly blowups that if not handled can pile up and derail the dream.

  18. Jake Connolly

    love the shorts riley

  19. Kaya Urbancic

    to one day have a life like this, love you guys!!✨⛵️🌊♥️

  20. Sebastian

    hey, guys great vids, always watching your journey through the ocean. I am no doctor but i think i should share my concerns with you, i am not sure if it is healthy for your unborn child to go diving?! my girlfriend is pregnant too and our doctor said it was risky. take care , cheers sebastian

  21. Gary Lee

    nine CHEM-TRAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Brendon Lubbers

    Mum had a wire and harness system for me as a kid so i could run around most of the boat and not fall off

  23. JP Williams

    @Riley... any tips on how to get a good seal on a dive mask when you have a moustache?!

  24. Gladtobemom

    You have become our pandemic lockdown getaway. Really enjoy the content.

  25. Christian Louis Cellona

    your family is living life really good, how i wish i could do the things that you've been doing. Thanks for letting me see that nice place. that is what life's worth.

  26. Donald Johnson

    cute baby

  27. Christian Mercado

    your editing is superb

  28. Robert Crain

    Weather, Central Oregon Cascades. 25 degrees F. Snowing. Love it. :) Home made split pea soup on stove for tonight, Life is good

  29. Aitawna Bennett

    32 degrees Fahrenheit here in Washington State😅

  30. B D

    Eleyna your voice is as beautyfull as yourself

  31. T.J. Sortino

    Any other American here, have to go back and look to see if the potted plant that fell was a marijuana plant or not? So funny, we don't say pot plant in the USA. I think if we were to start doing that, and said it to a person at work in a conversation, they would probably turn us in to HR to be drug screened!

  32. B D

    2021 - and watching there beginnings. so funny and look at how beautyful this 2 persons were, still are and there baby boy ist. so much fun and relaxation to what their videos.

  33. Donald Johnson

    If you heat the male end it will slide in the female a lot easier.

  34. MrBeachbuddy

    To improvise a bench vice, you'll first need a large catamaran...

  35. everett carroll

    put ground egg shells and used coffee grinds in soil to re-nourish

  36. everett carroll

    well, its not naked riley weather lol



  38. Lisa vlog

    Kiss from French fan 😘

  39. Carolina Quintiliano

    OLÁ guys! Portuguese here! I must admit that the weather here is a little bipolar but personally I love it ;) hope you enjoy the time here!!

  40. Dustin Clark

    lenny is going to have next nevel balance..

  41. Geoff Newman

    Are you watching the Vendee Globe or the America's Cup?

  42. Maximus Hasch

    we have snow lol

  43. Tom Riley

    Happy Memories of Sailing to the Desertas islands - did you take the path to the top? Looked like a lot of steps and we didn't have time :-(! One day perhaps!

  44. amiella musser

    You guys just can’t catch a break😂😂

  45. CrazyCanadianCatLady

    - 16 C and snowing like crazy this morning. Wish I had that beautiful sunshine like you guys.

  46. Chantal

    Lenny heading into mullet territory...👀

  47. Matt Pretty

    viewing this now...............................

  48. Brittany Guisinger

    Corona 🍻 in every video

  49. shawn paschall

    Love the series! Totally addicting. We are around episode 105. Would love to know the location of the old opening scene of the tropical beach with the Carpe Diem boat. Keep it up.

  50. Diana Gobble

    I need this life. I will have it one day.

  51. Ben O Neill

    Daym you got all of us at home in quarantine jealous of that beautiful weather.

  52. Bill Brockmann

    Last episode you were talking about oil. You need to oil that boy: he squeaks.

  53. Gerhard van Waltsleben

    Lekker man lekker

  54. RHONDA

    Love your videos 💗

  55. Lin Miller

    I wanted to give you a Big Mum hug, not creepy but just a hug that I would give my Own Daughter in law. You are an awesome young lady and a beautiful Mum. You should give yourself more credit and believe in yourself 100%. It’s just hormones and natural to feel like you are, and part of being a new first Mum, and living together I 24/7 in such close quarters. It’s a beautiful special relationship you both have and it’s wonderful you found each other. You are soul mates. A beautiful awesome family. Stay safe. Be happy. X

  56. ~Clown~

    RIley saw his precious jewels flash before his eyes when Lenny knocked over that coffee cup at the end there! ahaha

  57. Dan Cook

    Always enjoy the music but even a little more this time. Your videos are such a great escape from life in these United States right now. Thanks

  58. Grant porebski

    Hot over here in Perth

  59. Tamia Brown

    Id love a montage of all the times you guys go back for the camera! Lol love your videos!!

  60. Bob, Washington State

    I use to sail and loved it. Really enjoy your blogs and will try and keep up on your adventures. It would be nice for you to give the date in the beginning of the video your making at the time.

  61. Myles Hall

    Rice. Chuck her in rice - the autopilot that is.

  62. Zac McDaniel

    What’s the song when Riley’s spearfishing

  63. Morten Gammelgaard

    I know you generate income from it, but is it not awfull having to film so much ?

  64. James Devisser

    Weather wise yesterday in the niagra falls region of ontario canada. We had -3c temps and winds of 80km. Along with freezing rain storm that turning into snow later in the day, twas a nasty 24hrs. Doesnt look like today will be getting any better more lake effect snow predicted in the forcast. Wiah it was warmer but O well . Have yourselves a great rest of your week.

  65. evo1 sc

    Elayna & Riley's friend is a Tamarama! 🔥❤️

  66. Djicke Diouf

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no wayyyy I bet it’s a girl

  67. RocketLR

    Oh gaaaawd, I just want to go to a sunny place and drink coffee.

  68. Laura L

    Besides travel sickness tablets that make me drowsy the only other thing that helps me are ear plugs or earbud headphones. Might not be feasible if you’re looking after a toddler though.

  69. Bubbly Emma

    This beautiful sunshine ☀️☀️☀️

  70. Anders Carlsson

    Crazy. When I was at university in Gothenburg (music major), in one of the practice rooms there was a poster with hand drawings of a few small sailing boats named "Bris". I always wondered why that poster was there. Now, over twenty years later this video shows up. I immediately google Sven Yrvind and it turns out his original last name is "Lundin"! The same name as the man who taught music theory in that very same room at Gothenburg University. So now I have the connection. Amazing. Thank you!!

  71. Charlotte

    If you add a can of pinto/butter beans/cannellini beans to your pumpkin soup it gives it a bit of protein and makes it more filling 😀

  72. Mary Moore

    I so envy your lifestyle, love your videos 😍🎼

  73. Freda Pampa

    Much too many ads again!!



  75. mikeTECH

    6:23 i looooove this track!

  76. Jason McNeale

    Hey you mob my name is Jason. I a Aussie Queenslander. Townsville. I work a grader all day everyday. My grader like a land yatch. But no sharks. Lol .cheers big ears

    1. Jason McNeale


  77. Valeria Eugenia Likhova

    Your filming in this video is exquisite. Viva la Vegabonde!

  78. Travelling Sunglasses

    Congratulations!!! We can’t wait to see you again with a baby. Those first videos with Lenny were the cutest of all time. Also, curious to see if you will do anything differently! :)

  79. Travelling Sunglasses

    We want a sarong fashion show, with Riley protagonist!

  80. Ian McLelland

    Where's Andre? It's Andre isn't it? I always want to call him Carlos...